WMWA Modelers Gallery

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Page 1
Damon Adams J3
Manny Sousa Skyrocket
Metal Zero
Phillip Sporton's Lancaster
Richard Crapp's Swordfish
FW190 by Jim Wilkerson
Page 2
Bill Raub's DH94
BB Weber's Tupolev Bear
Bill Stevick's Mig29
Dean Di Giorgio's B26
Bill McCaullie's Mosquito
Art Muglia's B25
Page 3
Dean's F15 Strike Eagle
Rob Bailey's Me262
Chris Sellman's P51
Didier Dubos' P39
Hurricane by J Clark
Tiger Moth by J Clark
Page 4
Hellcat by Mike Garze
Kevin Knebel with his AT6
Chip Greene's Bearcat
Dan Basovich Whirraway
Ray Hinds' Mitsubishi Rufe
Col. Alan Yendle's Gloster Gladiator
Page 5
Chris Costantinos' T-34
Larry Hultman's P47D
Albert Whiting's Lysander
John Rolfe's BT-13
Eddie Hirschfeld's Moth Minor
Drake Edwards' P51 Mustang
Page 6
Ruben Ramos' B26
Wash Martin's OV-10 Bronco
Antoine Garreau's P51 Mustang
Phil Medenbach's P51 Mustang
Robert Pease's B-57 Canberra
Larry Wright's Ziroli Panther
Page 7
Lucas Vallejos Me163
Larry Hultman P47
Allen Yendle He51a
Barry McLean F4U
Ruben Ramos Sky Raider
Doug Smith B17
Page 8
Jean-Pierre Weisz Spitfire
Art Muglia's YAK3
Dean's Skyraider Cockpit Detail
Rogers' Erocoupe
Howarth C-47
Kaschke Corsair
Page 9
Kent Hellcat
Ripley Spitfire
Jim Marshall B-26
Fred Clark Corsair
The Cadets with P-47
Evan Quiros Spitfire
Page 10
Lionel Weeks Spitfire
Horst Skottki FW190A
Ross Woodcock Ansaldo SVA.
WMWA Pres. Dean SkyRaider
Chateauneuf P51
BB Weber's Super Constellation
Page 11
Yendle Sopwith Project
Larry Hultman's Ziroli Skyraider
Richard Symes' Bearcat
Page 12
Jim Marshall's He-219 Uhu
Ed Sanborn's B-26
Walt Mocha 1/4 Scale Cubs
Barry McLean's P-40E (1)
Barry McLean's P-40E (2)
Peter Kaschke's T-28B
Colin Clark's Sea Fury
Page 13
Evan Quiros' Bf-109
Ron Fahlbusch's, sf-260
Ruben Ramos B-26c (2)
Ron Fahlbusch's MkXII
Ruben Ramos Raider
Page 14
Ziroli Sr's Vultee Vengence
Paul Rice Hawker Tempest Mk V
Steve Thomas's P-61 Black Widow
PJ Ash's Martin Baker MB-5
Lora Knowlton's Spitfire
Steve Thomas Spitfire
Page 15
SCAF Col. Richard Symes P-51
SCAF Col. Gregor Kruberg's Zero A6M3 model 32
Steve Thomas MK1X Jonnie Johnson Spitfire (2)
Cessna 337 Skymaster 02-A of Emerson Melton, Brooklyn NY (2)
Page 16
T28 Trojan of C. Constantino, Palm City, FL (6)
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