WMWA Modelers Gallery

Weeks Spitfire
Lionel Weeks and his Supermarine Spitfire.
Skottki FW190A
Col. Horst Skottki and his FW190A.
Woodcock Ansaldo SVA
Col. Ross Woodcock and his scratch built Ansaldo SVA.
Dean Skyraider
This is an image of our President Dean Di Giorgio with his Skyraider from Ziroli Plans. G62 powered but will be upgraded to a Quadra 100.
Lance's P51
Colonels Lance & Ernie Chateauneuf, members of the 325th with Lance's reworked World Models P51 repainted with the marking of the Checkertails. Power is a OS 91 4-cycle.
Webers Conny
Super Constellation No. L-1049G being built by Colonel B B Weber. Wingspan 134 inches, length 114 inches and powered by four OS 91 four strokes. Expected to be finished mid June 2003.

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