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Evan Quiros' PCM models Bf-109 in 1/4 scale. Weight is 41 lbs; Sierra Precision gear w/glennis wheels & tires; All Futaba Radio with (9) 9206 servos; PPG basecoat/clearcoat finish. Won "best military post 1935" at bomber field at first outing.
Ron Fahlbusch's sf-260
Southern Cross Wing Col. Ron Fahlbusch's sf-260 is modelled on one at Bankstown, Sydney. Toss up between Camoflage or Civvie scheme, Civvie won. 89" Span, Custom Retracts, flaps, inverted ST3250 with Perry pump and Perry carb, 20x8 Bolly, twin batteries, 24 lbs. JR radio.

Ruben Ramos Bates B-26c showing bombing run and landing. Weighs in at 33lbs and has g-38s for power. It has scale bombays and flies just perfectly.

SCAF Col. Ron Fahlbusch's 1/4 scale MkXII, 114" Span, 52 lbs, with Clark Industries inverted twin, 2x52 cc Quadras joined. JH ignition. FMA Servos, JR 3810 radio. Full cockpit kit, pilot complete except for a brain, Clark retracts, air up, lock down if pressure fails, scale rudder and elevator linkage, opening cockpit, scale exhausts. Polyester fuse, painted in auto acrylic with semi-matt clear cote. Built up wing, 3/32" skin and 3/4 oz cloth, scale flaps and concealed aileron actuation.

Ruben Ramos, of the Texas Fighter Interceptor Command, Lone Star Wing, Ziroli Raider at 2004 IMAA winter fest. G-62, working canopy, and bomb drops. Hook removed because the 35 MPH wind was so bad, and centerline tank and the 260lb bombs had just been dropped.

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