WMWA Modelers Gallery

Bill Raub's DH94
Bill Raub's DH94 from 1/2 size Bates Plans
BB Weber Tupolev Bear
B.B. Weber's Tupelov Bear, from a Don Smith Design. Fully built of balsa wood, hard wood with fiberglass cowlings. Wingspan: 21 feet, Weight 94 pounds (flies under special permit). Laers 300 V twins replaces what was Saitos 180 Flat. Counter rotating props are for static purpose only (windmills). Two separate receivers working in paralel provide Fail Safe redundancy. BB Weber flies regularly. Last addition was air brakes to all 8 MLG wheels
Bill Stevick Mig29
Mig29 being constructed by Bill Stevick for Chris Costantino from a Fiberclassics Kit
Dean Di Giorgio B26
B-26 Marauder belonging to Dean Di Giorgio, from Jerry Bates Plans.
Bill McCaullie Mosquito
Mosquito built by Dr. Bill McCaullie
Art Muglia B25
1/4 scale B-25 built by Art Muglia

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