WMWA Modelers Gallery

Costantinos T34
Col. Chris Costantinos' T-34, built from a Mark Frankel kit.
Hultman P-47D Col. Larry Hultman's P-47D model in colors of the South Pacific Theater. Wing span is 80 inches, powered by a Guadra 45 engine.
Whiting's Lysander
Col. Albert Whiting's Lysander. Built from Bob Holman plans. OX FX60 power and operating landing lights.
John Rolfe's BT13
BT13 was built by Col. John Rolfe of the Southern Cross Air Force. Scratch built from Brian Taylor plans which were stretched by 20% to achieve an 86 inch wings span. Laser 150 4-stroke power.
Ed's DH94
DH94 Moth Minor built by Eddie Hirschfeld of the 117th in New York. This is a Jerry Bates design built from an Aeroplane Works kit.
Drake Edwards P51
P51 from a Bud Nosen kit, built by Col. Drake Edwards of N. Carolina, as seen at the recent P.A.R.C.S. / WMWA event. Unfortunately, the Spit is by an unknown builder.

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