WMWA Modelers Gallery

Lukas Me163
Col. Lucas Vallejos, preparing his Me163 Turbine powered Comet for flight. Model was scratch built with the help of Col. Joe Beshar.
Hultman P47
A P47 in flight, built from the Air Magic Models kit by Col. Larry Hultman.
Yendle Heinkel
Our Secretary, Alan Yendle is not only a great asset to our association but a very prolific and accomplished modeler. Another of his fine creations, an Heinkel He51a built from a Don Smith short kit and powered by a Cheetah 42DX. It has a 90 inch wingspan and weighs 24 lb. It features functional exhaust and is modeled in the markings of an aircraft of the lll/JG 223 based in Austria in 1938
McLean F4U
This beautiful F4U Corsair is the handiwork of Col. Barry McLean. It was built from a TopFlite Kit.
Ruben Ramos Skyraider
Ruben Ramos' Ziroli SkyRaider. Sachs engine. Scratch from plans.
Mark Smith B17
Doug Smith and his Boeing B-17 from Don Smith Plans. 138 inch wingspan, Robart retracts, 3 blade Grish props, four G-23 engines. 300 flights and still going strong!!!

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